Monday, October 25, 2010


Such a long week!  October is always a hard month at RTG it's our fall clearance sale month and usually that means LONG hours but great sales and some bonus $...usually! That isn't the case for me this month :(  Oh well such is life I guess we can't win 'em all right??  But WHY? I want to win them all! darn it :P I've been asking my boss how I can get it turns out it's not as easy as I'd hoped! haha! I either have to hit someone, which doesn't work cause I hit at least one of the bone heads that I work with everyday, or be bottom of the sales board for 4 months in a row!  4 months...I was hoping to get fired before Christmas so I can spend some time with Jennie and RJ before they take off to Germany!  Ok ok I'm just kidding I'm thankful for my job...that's what my mom told me to be!
The good news it that I have the next two days off to be with my sweet baby boys and enjoy some real life :D   Dinner with Jen and RJ tomorrow night, church on wed, and pumpkin patch thurs! Hopefully I'll get the floors mopped and the dishes done too, but chores wont be my priority! 
Speaking of our boys I started this blog to record some of the day to day funny stuff that they do and say so I'll dedicate this paragraph to that....Yesterday morning I had to come back to the house after leaving for work to get something I had forgotten.  I pulled across the drive and left my door open, Jason and Grayson were out in the driveway playing.  When I ran back outside to leave Grayson was standing by my open door with one hand in the air and swirling his hips around and around dancing to the country radio station I had playing! That kid LOVES to dance...he gets it from his mama!
Luke has, at two years old, mastered reverse psychology!  When Jason is getting on to him for something he says, "You happy not mad!" or "You not mad happy Daddy!"  I love it he's a great debater already :D Oh and he's starting to get the potty training thing ☺

Ok time for bed I have a big couple of days ahead of me...Hope you do too! Enjoy life and the people who make it great!

All my ♥ and ☼

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  1. Lol! I think these kids know us better than we know them!

    Love you guys!!